Tasked with the mission of providing its students with a top-notch law education, the Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) employs the highest academic standards to ensure success. The growing influence of India’s role in international affairs has created a strong demand for highly-trained legal professionals who are prepared to address the complex issues faced by today’s globally connected world. That is why JGLS takes a comprehensive approach to instructing its students, assigning great importance to its partnerships with other academic and professional institutions around the world, to its excellent research facilities and to its liberal-arts style curriculum.

The faculty of JGLS features teachers from prestigious universities around the world who are renowned experts in their fields of knowledge. The diversity of teaching methods and schools of thought present at JGLS stand out as one of the school’s greatest assets, ensuring that the students are given a dynamic learning environment. Faculty members are expected to be actively engaged in conducting research, publishing academic material and serving in advisory roles in external organizations, firms, and the like. This active participation by the faculty members opens up opportunities for students to play a role in the actual legal environment.

photograph of young foreign studentGiven the far-reaching impact that the rule of law has on society and  the many different factors involved in the subject of law, JGLS equips its students with a multi-disciplinary curriculum in order to prepare them to take a critical and thoroughly informed approach to the understanding of law and business. Students’ research efforts at JGLS are enhanced with the school’s globally connected library system, where books, periodicals, journals and other academic material are readily available. Mandatory internships in relevant areas of the legal field allow students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge beside what they learn in the classroom.

Jindal Global Law School prepares its students for the many month-to-month challenges that India faces in its growing status as a global superpower. Superior academic standards, world-class resources, exceptionally well-educated faculty members, strong international partnerships and collaborations, and a global-oriented curriculum have contributed to giving JGLS its prominence amongst law schools. JGLS belongs to the American Association of Law Librarians as well as the International Association of Law Schools.

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